Chip: BL602 URAT WiFi 3.0 BLE 5.0 TI702B3S 17.8*15*0.8mm

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Zigbee module developed and designed by TI602B3S. This module uses the BL602 solution, which has high integration, low power consumption, and built-in Zigbee and BLE 5.0 dual protocols. This module works in the 2.4G frequency band and is powered by a 3.3V single power supply. Suitable for patch or manual welding installation.
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1. Chip characteristics

  2.4GHz RF transceiver

  32-bit RISC CPU with FPU (Floating Point Unit)

  CPU frequency configurable from 1MHz to 144MHz  96KB high-speed memory

  180KB system memory

  128KB read-only memory

  Supports Zigbee and BLE coexistence

  Integrated balun, PA/LNA

  Operating voltage: 3.3V +/- 0.3V

2. Zigbee features

  IEEE 802.15.4MAC/PHY

  Working channel 11 - 26@2.400-2.483GHz, air interface rate 250Kbps  Zigbee 3.0, basic device behavior, Core Stack R21, green energy standard

  Maximum +10dBm output power

3. BT Features

  Bluetooth V5.0

  Bluetooth Specification BLE Low Energy 1Mbps and 2Mbps  Bluetooth® Long Range Coded 500Kbps and 125Kbps

4. Security mechanism

  secure boot

  Secure debug port

  QSPI Flash On-the-fly AES Decryption (OTFAD)

  AES - 128 and CTR+ modes

  Supports AES 128/192/256-bit encryption engine

  Support MD5,SHA-1/224/256/384/512

  True Random Number Generator (TRNG)

Public Key Accelerator (PKA)

5. Module features

  Working temperature: -40℃ to +125℃

  Working voltage 3V ~ 3.6V

  The operating frequency supports up to 144MHz  When the voltage is lower than 2.63V, the module automatically resets

  PWM control

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